The Story of Detective Thaddeus Carter

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Alphonso Williams Jr.’s childhood was immersed in positive values that have extended through adulthood. These values helped him overcome adversity while living in the inner city of Florida. Once he finished his military enlistment with an honorable discharge, Alphonso Williams Jr.’ obtained a degree in Psychology after joining the police force in Florida. He has spent twenty years in dedicated service of law enforcement and received several accolades and awards.

During his early years as a police officer, Williams’ sister was murdered. This event would be the turning point for Williams’ career in law enforcement and his decision to pursue a detective’s path, providing justice to the voiceless. As a detective, Williams investigated and solved high-profile murder, corruption, and government accountability cases. Along with a Master’s in Public Administration, these achievements are the scaffold to his present position as detective supervisor in his current agency.

With these achievements and life experiences on his belt, Williams tells the story of law enforcement and crime from an African American police officer and detective’s perspective. His persistence in mentoring a generation of detectives and law enforcement agents who help the voiceless has spurred this resolve.

An Electrifying Legend Of A Florida Police Detective Fighting Against Crime And His Own Demons

Fighting against delinquents is tough, but great law enforcers are not necessarily those who kill mafia men or arrest robbers, they’re the ones who win the battle against enemies within themselves.

If you had to choose between justice and your family, what would you do?

Thaddeus Carter, the protagonist of Chosen by Fate: The Story of Detective Carter, faces a similar dilemma. Having grown up in the dregs of the criminal underworld, Thaddeus devotes his life to fighting for justice and curbing crime, just like his father. But will he, too, succumb to the internal war of emotions like his now-fugitive father?

The Carters live a typical life until young Thaddeus is dragged into a world of crime, acting as a lookout for robberies, shootings, and more. His father is trapped between following his instincts in the line of duty and the red tape of bureaucracy. But when Thaddeus’ sister is kidnapped, the Carter family must face their new realities, and nothing will ever be the same.

Years later, Thaddeus completes his enlistment in the army and returns to the States, where he meets the love of his life. However, the young officer struggles to balance his duty between his job and his family.

Everything seems to be going well until a criminal, whom his father had arrested and put behind bars, breaks out of prison, hungry for revenge. What happens next will once again change the course of Thaddeus' life forever.

Will Detective Carter fight back and suffer the same fate as his father, or let justice, which he has sworn by, speak for itself?

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