Chronicles of Bones Island: Book One follows the journey of Rapherd, a young dog who finds himself stranded on the mysterious Bones Island. As he navigates this unfamiliar territory, he must learn to adapt to the ways of the island and prove his worth to the pack. Guided by his mentor Bella, Rapherd faces various trials, including a harrowing encounter with the formidable warrior, Tank, and a challenging rabbit hunt. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of belonging. Through his adventures, Rapherd discovers his inner strength and earns the respect of his fellow islanders.

Meet Raphael, the creative force behind the captivating tales of Chronicles of Bones Island. An atypical author with a profound love for dogs, Raphael's imaginative mind brims with endless story ideas, each more captivating than the last. With a unique perspective on life and an innate talent for storytelling, he weaves intricate narratives that transport readers to fantastical worlds. Supported by his father, who helps bring his ideas to life on paper, Raphael's passion for writing shines through in every word. Join him on a journey of inspiration and adventure as he invites you to explore the boundless possibilities of storytelling.


Excerpt from Chronicles of Bones Island: Book One © Copyright 2024 Raphael Robinson and Byronous Robinson

Chapter 1

My name is Rapherd. I don’t remember my litter mates. However, I do remember my humans, Ken, and Joan. They were kind, and I lived in luxury. My humans and I would take trips to various places in the world. This day was to be the start of another adventure. I will never forget this day, the day I lost my humans. We set sail on the family sailboat, heading into the open blue ocean. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation for this trip. Fate had other plans for me that day.

The voyage started great, and all was smooth sailing throughout the day. In the late afternoon, I began to feel tension in the air. The moods of my humans have changed to one of concern. A storm had appeared on the horizon, and they could not sail around it. Things on deck became frantic, and I hid under a deck bench. The skies turned black within minutes, and the sounds of the thunder were terrifying.

Chronicles of Bones Island Book One Sample Pic 1

The storm was relentless, with the waves tossing the boat like a ragdoll. I have never felt fear like this before. The lightning lit up the sky and boat like broad daylight. It then plunged back into total darkness with the earsplitting roar of thunder. Terror gripped me. I saw large waves rise above the boat, and in the chaos, our boat capsized, plunging me into darkness.

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