A personal message from the author:

A local producer here in Thailand wanted me to create a series that could be enjoyed on an international streaming platform. I told him that almost all the Thai series on platforms like Netflix were of the “Y” variety — schoolboy romances with a touch of LGBTQ. It sounded a bit soapy to me, so I suggested that instead, I should take the milieu of those Thai series but combine it with a plotline more like the typical American “four school kids uncover a dark mystery” genre — from “Stranger Things” to “It.”

I started creating this as an episodic novel to help me conceptualize the streaming series, but that series is already in preproduction, in the casting stage actually. I thought it would be fun to try out Amazon's new Vella platform with this story since I was already writing it in bite-sized pieces. I have no idea whether the live-action version will make it to an international platform.

— S.P. Somtow

Five kids (three boys, a girl, and a boy-girl) in an elite boarding school in Thailand, run by eccentric Catholic nuns, uncover the dark enigmas of their school while uncovering their own mysteries of identity and sexual attraction. Club X, the club for kids too antisocial to be welcomed into any other school activity, grows from a passel of misfits to a hive of sleuthing, psychic phenomena, vampire hunting, and mayhem.

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