Season One of World Fantasy Award-winning author S.P. Somtow's vella series is adapted and compiled into book form.

A personal message from the author:

I started working on this as a live action series after a Thai producer asked me to think up a new take on the Thai high school “Y” series that have been flooding international streaming platforms. I thought it would be fun to combine this milieu with the very American “misfit schoolboys uncover the school's dark secret” genre.

Around this time, Amazon Vella came into existence so I decided to write the story in episodes and upload it to that platform as a way of organizing the plot points of the filmed version. The vella series was inching forward and then, it its third month, it suddenly leaped into Vella's top 10 and has stayed there for the last two months. As a result, we managed to get the streaming series funded and it's now in production.

The book, Club X – Vampire in the Closet, is the collected first 25 episodes — the “season one” of the series. I'm hoping the first live-action episodes will start to be seen sometime in 2022. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this!

— S.P. Somtow

St. Cecilia's boys' school is an elite boys' school in a remote part of Thailand, a hotbed of hormones, mystery, fantasy, and dark secrets! Five kids (binary and non-binary) uncover the dark secrets of their school amid mysteries of identity and sexual attraction.

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