coincidenceA lot of people think that coincidences are things that we should not need to care about, they say coincidences are just happening. The only interesting thing, that we pay general attention to these “nothings”. Somehow we feel, that something strange happening, like a bug in the matrix.

The nature of these events are simply inscrutable, there is no point to count or measure them, but we all know we should do something with them.


anthonyhopkinsFirst let me tell you a true story happened to Anthony Hopkins.

In 1973, Anthony Hopkins accepted the starring role in George Feifer's The Girl from Petrovka, based on the book by the same name. He traveled to London to buy a copy of the book. Unfortunately, none of the main London bookstores had a copy.

Giving up, he set off for home. On his way, waiting for an underground train at Leicester Square tube station, he saw a discarded book lying on the seat next to him. It was a copy of The Girl from Petrovka.

Two years later, when he had a chance to meet the author, Feifer said that in November 1971 he had lent a friend a copy of the book—a uniquely annotated copy in which he had made notes on turning the British English into American English (“labour” to “labor,” and so on)—but his friend had lost the copy in Bayswater, London. Hopkins pulled out his copy, he found. “This one?” he asked.[/box]

We live in a world of coincidences, but these coincidences are created and driven by our mind, our intention and our feelings. Some of the people called it synchronicity, when the things happening in the right place at the right time, when we are in sync with our own intentions.

Did you ever met with somebody twice at the same day in the corridor, did you imagined somebody in your mind and he suddenly called you? These people have a “message” to you, it does not matter whether you know them.  [/box]

philodendronThere could be signs like an familiar animal, a plant, that may appear in a specific time, to draw your attention to something. For myself this is the philodendron plant.

Sudden thoughts, that you would like to read a book, you have almost forget, or if you are in front of a decision, it is always good compare the two alternative routes, the good choice will look brighter, and the small hints will reveal it.

For several ago I read a book called Celestine Prophecy, where coincidences are described as part of the progress of life. Every syncron moment in your life, helps to proceed the next step. If you will follow the path of coincidences, than you will be in the right place. Remember, synchronicity happens, when you in harmony with yourself.

Finally a question to you:

celestine question