A personal message from the author:

I've always wanted to be an author. By the time I was 18, I had filled literally thousands of pages with stories of different genres, and the passion to write just burned with an epic intensity. As I got older, life seemingly got in the way, but a couple of years ago it just came back with a flurry. And inspiration struck.

I've always been a big fan of techno-thrillers and sci-fi action books/films that create easily digestible entertainment, yet also have a lot hidden under the surface. Films like The Matrix or Terminator 2 spring to mind, where there's a ton of deep philosophical debate hidden below a flashy exterior.

When the inspiration did strike, I simply asked myself a question. If a mysterious stranger showed up at my front door and told me that they needed me for a secret mission, that I was special, and I could save the world, would I go with them? Realistically, would I? Or what would it take for me to follow them?

This lead to this book, where that exact same plot happens to seven very different people from around the world. They're visited by a stranger and told that they are key to saving the world from an impending doom. Would that be enough to motivate them?

Finally, I wanted to write this because I promised my sister after she died that I would always follow my dreams. This has always been my biggest dream. No matter what happens with the book, nothing will be as rewarding as when I finished it and how I felt with regards to finally keeping that promise.

— Sam Hurley

The world is shocked after a failed attack on a research facility near Boston. The individuals involved had no link to one another, and no obvious motives. Even more perplexing is that this is the second attack on a facility owned by the Minerva Corporation. The company has long held a reputation for being an ethical company with a philanthropic focus. So why would anyone seek to destroy their work, unless there was something sinister behind the scenes?

Following the attack, a mysterious stranger named Aten travels the world and visits seven strangers . Unbeknownst to them, he has managed to find them all at their most desperate, or pliable. He then attempts to bring them all together at the French home of a famous fashion model, Kate Delacroix, in order to aid him in a secret mission.

As Aten's true intentions are revealed – and with the future of the humanity at stake – will these seven strangers comply?


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