About “The Consciousness Guide”

Wisdom is something you learn on your own experiences
– Anon

BlueTail is about finding the dots in life, it helps with articles that may help you in the route of your inner discovery. You are more wise and you are capable to create amazing things on your own, but everybody needs some hints and help on the way of life, this site's only purpose to help.

My writer's name Simon Tail, I am born in Austria central Europe, I started to write and edit BlueTail.in in 2014, after 2018 Bluetail became part of Joelbooks. I am curious about life since my birth, my intention to deeply understand people and life.

Start Here – The Consciousness Guide

  1. Discover That Matters – A short story about the important things in life
  2. Ego – Understanding the Ego and how it controls your life
  3. Power Of Attention – Attention is a human phenomenon, that is everybody seeking for, this article show the importance of it
  4. How Do We “Fight” For Attention? Dramas Of Ego – In this article there are a lot of human characters collected based on how they acting for attention
  5. What You See In Others, Is Exactly In You – The Mirror effect, describes that your thoughts – even it is about someone else – are your own, and changes only you, nobody else
  6. Top Ten Philosophical Questions – Down the rabbit hole
  7. What I Should Do In My Life? Finding The Purpose – A practical approach
  8. Intuitive Thinking – Live in intuitive way
  9. How Does One Become A Genius? – Geniuses doesn't born, they are deserved to call them “geniuses”
  10. What are the most important lessons you could learn from your failures?
  11. Making People Happy Around You – Simple practical advices how to make big impact with simple steps
  12. Life lessons – What you would say to your 20 year old self?

Do You Have More Time?

  • Pick some of the most valuable spiritual books, I have read in my lifetime (especially the first five books)