Business Lessons from the Dead and Dying

I go to work with a police escort. I am the gatekeeper of the worst behavior by the world’s biggest banks, law firms, and corporations. I’ve overseen the ruin of thousands of companies. Eighty percent of my clients die.

I am the Corporate Undertaker. You don’t want to meet me… but many of you will.

In this thrilling business memoir, author Domenic Aversa reveals the firsthand account of his messy life as an entrepreneur and corporate crisis manager. For more than 25 years, he has actively assisted companies in dramatic operational transition. During his career, he’s had chairs thrown at his head and guns pointed at his heart. Occasionally, he’s able to pull off a miracle and save a company. Most of the time, he simply tries to ease the agony. This book will show you how to navigate the most difficult stages of your entrepreneurial journey: life, adversity, crisis, death, and rebirth.

“Domenic Aversa walks readers through his long career as the reluctant harbinger of death for companies, big and small, in nearly every state in America, and dozens of countries around the world. To hear these intense stories of business titans being reduced to rubble is oddly cathartic, but it is also humanizing.

In many of these anecdotal tales, businesses fail for very relatable reasons, and when the boardroom facade is stripped away, business leaders and managers are revealed as common people, subject to pettiness and rage and sorrow like anyone. One may not expect to experience such surges of empathy at some of these stories, but the power of Aversa’s storytelling is undeniable. There are uplifting and amusing moments as well, when a company does manage to save itself, under the guidance and sincere interest of this author.”
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