Courage to Rise Series Book 1

A Romance Novel

One act of courage can begin to change your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Caroline is determined to live her dream of building a profitable branding business, even if it means still living with her Grandma. But investing all her time into building her business means she’s lost contact with the outside world- except the owners of the local café where she picks up her morning coffee. In exchange for a branding package, Caroline agrees to accept a lifetime of free coffee and pastries from Annie and Dan. So what if she doesn’t need the extra padding to her hips? Never in a million years did she think helping Annie would lead her to Jolan.

When Jolan invites Caroline to yoga class, she can’t say no. So what if she’s never done yoga in her life? She can figure this out, right?

Jolan is everything Caroline doesn’t think she deserves, but his unexpected insecurities, sweet nature, and warm laugh only make her want to get closer. And when Jolan starts arriving to eat lunch with her and Gran every day, then Caroline can’t help but start to fall for him. Then comes the chance of a lifetime: Jolan invites her to go to New York City with him.

New York City. Perfect guy. A growing business. With everything beginning to go so right, what could go wrong? Caroline is about to find out.

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