Facts, common sense and science you can understand. Not recommended for conspiracy theorists and Trumpians

In these uncertain times engulfed by clouds of doubts, suspicion, panic, lack of scientific and logical thinking, and inability to plan even for the near future, I have opted, as a physician, researcher, and writer within the human community, to decipher some haunting mysteries, de-obscure the overall foggy situation, and disengage the alleged conflict between science and quackery.

We are not yet aware of many details about that “novel” unknown organism that has taken our world aback, threatened human life, and turned it upside down. Although we are still in the “crawling” stage to come at grips with the virus, we have a thousand-year repertoire of common sense, hundreds of years of development in preserving public health, and decades of evidence-based medicine.

This book simplifies scientific terminology for the non-specialist reader. It succinctly focuses on straightforward practical information: no profuse introductions, no enigmatic theories, and no boring details that may repel you, unnecessarily prolong the book, or restrict the required diversity to review all aspects of dealing with the pandemic in everyday life.

In terms of references and sources, I often refer to verified and credible general media sources rather than specialized references. This is to facilitate cross-reference by the reader and go through the same language and terms the general public understand.

As healthcare professionals, we are both debtors and creditors. We owe it to all humankind to guide them in terms of awareness, education, care, treatment, and scientific research during this dreaded pandemic. However, they also owe us to listen to what we say, read what we write, and trust us. They should not surrender their ears, eyes, and minds to the mongers of deceit, addicts to conspiracy theories, idiots of limited intelligence, and advocates of political and commercial agendas that run counter to professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and credibility.

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