An artist's journey from mind to heart to the source of all creativity

Sculptor Don Campbell draws on over 30 years of experience as a sculptor to share how he pushes the creative boundaries of his own work. Citing some of the great artists, innovators and change makers of our time, he shows artists and non-artists how to:

  • Stimulate the flow of creativity through a process of “deep listening.”
  • Expand listening capacity to include intuition.
  • Express creativity through sensing, not thinking.
  • Align oneself with one’s life’s purpose.
  • Overcome the obstacles that stop most people from following their creative impulse.
  • Achieve “presence” and “stillness,” the essential portals to higher creativity.

Don is an award winning sculptor who lives in Skillman, New Jersey. His sculptures have been in shows throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Canada. He has taught portrait and figurative sculpting. He works primarily in clay, sculpting realistic portraits and figurative works and likes to explore improvisational sculpting.

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