Changing Lives Changing Destiny

A personal message from the author:

There comes a time in life, as many experiences have gathered. Those who have reached this stage will understand and appreciate the messages of friendship, women's issues, sisterhood and life's struggles as well as life's spectacular joys.

All can be found in this book as the characters explore their destiny and their future. Written as all my writings are – straight from the heart.


— Lesley Fletcher

When Jules and Gypsy find themselves at a crossroad in their respective lives, synchronicity begins to develop.

An old premonition and a gypsy reading draws Jules into a relationship she could never have imagined, while Gypsy uses the opportunity to take on a dream she had not thought possible – to leave her life behind even at a tremendous risk to her life. Both had a lot to lose, but as it turns out, much more to gain.

Athough they hail from two very different backgrounds, both economically and socially, there is a tie that binds them together; womanhood and all it entails.

While on a quest and while travelling to distant lands, they discover a friendship neither fathomed. An alliance forms, despite the odds. Their commonalities surface above all else as they bond, laugh, cry and discover the answers to questions they had not thought of asking.

From the east coast of the USA, to Iraq, Turkey, England and Jordan, the whirlwind of adventure, fun and heartbreak never stop.

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