7 Steps to Creating High Performing Teams

Everyday companies fail to compete in the market and grow because of a poor project management culture. Culture Is The Bass: 7 Steps to Creating High Performing Teams walks you through how organizations can achieve balance, harmony and a unified vision. Gerald Leonard offers 7 key principles based on his unique perspective and experience as a professional musician, culture change expert and certified Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP).

Learn the secret to reclaiming your workplace culture, and workplace motivation. Discover why and how of culture change in a simple to follow 7 step process and grow your leadership skills. Learn how to thrive in a difficult workplace, gain great feedback and learn the secret to reclaiming control of your time and tripling your productivity!

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How companies can perform like a world-class orchestra and receive a standing ovation from their employees and customers.
  • How to create a shared vision for your team and grow your leadership skills.
  • An 8-step process for implementing change, creating buy-in and increase productivity.
  • How to develop stories that will touch your staff’s heart, head, and hands.

Culture is the Bass helps organizations create a truly competitive advantage that consistently produces and exceeds stakeholder expectations. The 7 steps process will provide you with a great mental model.

“Leonard’s debut compares the culture of an organization to the bass in an orchestra. The author is obviously passionate about both music and project portfolio management, and his enthusiasm shines through the text. Nicely orchestrated and well-executed business advice.”
— Kirkus Reviews

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