Please note that openness is not depending only on the culture rather the personality, however in some cases cultural patterns could help to express yourself as honest as you want.

I. Cultures that differs from each other

cultures of Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and the tropics

Culture, Relevant Country, Religion

Americans, (US), Christian

Scandinavians, (Sweden), Christian

Dutch people, (The Netherlands), Christian

Indians, (India), Hindu; Jainism

Latin people, (Spain), Christian

Chinese, (China),Confucianism; Taoism; Buddhism

Persians, (Turkey), Islam

Japanese, (Japan), Shinto; Buddhism

Southeast Asians, (Indonesia), Hindu

Arabs, (Emirates), Muslim

Saan or Bushmen, (Botswana), San mythology

Inuit people, (Canada), Inuit mythology

Aboriginals, (Australia & New Zealand), Australian Aboriginal myths

Australia: Aboriginal Culture 002

II. Indicators of openness

We should find certain fields of life where the culture could help or hinder to express ourselves. One taboo topic is in the 21st century is still the sex.

Commonly the known sexually open cultures and countries

  1. The Netherlands, Denmark
  2. France
  3. Scandinavia
  4. Spain
  5. Switzerland
  6. Germany

Closed communities or strict religions (like Muslim) does have certain rules in terms of sexuality. In these countries expressing their feelings is not allowed in public.



Reader's Digest recently (2013) made a test in various cities all over the world to figure out in which cities the people are so honest to return a 30 £ wallet to their owner. The most honest cities where people returned the wallets:

  1. Helsinki (Finland) – 11/12 returned
  2. Mumbai (India)  – 9/12
  3. Budapest (Hungary) – 8/12
  4. NY (USA) – 8/12
  5. Moscow (Russia) – 7/12
  6. Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – 7/12

In this test the economy factor is very important, but in some cultures

The most emotional countries

According to a worldwide Gallup survey there is a big difference between countries in respect of the expression of emotions. The following countries were the most emotional according to Gallup:

  1. The Philippines
  2. El Salvador
  3. Bahrain
  4. Oman
  5. Colombia
  6. Chile
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Canada

Most welcoming countries to foreigners

  1. Iceland
  2. New Zealand
  3. Morocco
  4. Ireland
  5. Canada
  6. Austria
  7. Thailand
  8. United Arab Emirates

III. Conclusion

Instead giving one country or culture where the people could express their feelings as open as they could. I would rather give more solutions.

a.) Scandinavians &  The Netherlands (Christian)

In the last century these countries emerged economically and their culture does not put any barriers in front of the self expression. In this open culture everyone has a real free will in his or her life. In these countries people are straightforward, they do not expect anything from the others. They accepting their body as it is, that is why nudity is normal, and is not necessarily seen as sexual.

b.) Southeast Asia – Philippines (Christian) & Indonesia (Hindu)

People living in the islands have a very special and open life to each other, they laugh to each other even during their work. Their religion makes family relations very strong. However in these cultures people can assimilate easily to foreigners. They really respect each other and they are caring to each others.

Tirta Empul temple.

c.) Latin American & European people – Spain (Christian), Brazil (Christian), Colombia (Christian)

People in these countries takes the life a little bit more easier, their interpersonal relations are really important. They have more friends, they are fun loving, and they love to go out together.


Any other idea? Please share.