Delivering 6-Star Service In A 1-Star World

In Customer Service is DEAD, author, serial entrepreneur and customer service expert Mitche Graf draws on 35 years of experience developing best-in-class customer care departments and improving communications in businesses of all sizes to offer you new and innovative methods for reinventing customer service policies and training employees in your business to improve customer satisfaction, focus on the customer experience and maximize business growth.

You will take a deep dive into what it really means to go above and beyond customer expectations and create fans for life. You will learn the concept of what it means deliver a “6-Star” experience every single time and how to make sure you are set up for business success.

In this cutting-edge customer service book, you will learn:

  • The 6 keys of the revolutionary “6-STAR SERVICE MANIFESTO” and how to implement them into the foundation of your successful business
  • How to proactively solve problems before they become an issue and turn customer complaints into 5-star reviews
  • How to design a customer-focused culture so powerful that your employees will automatically do the right thing
  • How to institute guidelines that will allow you to hire only the right employees from the start and revolutionize your new employee training
  • How to use social media marketing to your advantage in forming customer perceptions and creating customer loyalty
  • How to go the extra mile for your customers, even when you don’t want to and create a mindset of “exceptionalism” in yourself and your employees

From the grocery store, to the gas station, to the TSR on the phone… there has been a major shift away from making the customer the #1 priority to making things convenient, fast and cheap. In all of this progress, the customer has been left behind and forgotten.

If you can provide an unsurpassed commitment to taking care of your customers’ needs, you will be able to blow your competition away and put your business at the top of the food chain. Customer Service Is DEAD will become the new standard in customer care and making customer service fun again!

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