Everyone loves dancing and children make no exception either. When it comes to finding activities for your little one, a professional dancing course might be a bit too much. Kids want to do fun things and if you can combine books and dancing in one go, you are a winner. Luckily, there are ways to do it – here are some of the best dance books for children to keep your little one interested and entertained.

The Cat with the Crooked Tail, by Once Upon a Dance

This is the type of book that will push your little one’s imagination to another level. It is great because it stimulates reading, so it works for kids who are just learning. It is just as handy for those who have no idea how to read, so the book makes a good activity to enjoy together – generally speaking, the book is ideal for kids aged five to seven. All in all, this book follows the story of Miss Merida Brown.

Miss Merida Brown is not really happy with her tail. She believes the tail ruins her capability to do certain things. However, those around her see things differently. One of her friends decides to give her a hand and prove her wrong. The idea is a bit of persistence and motivation will work wonders in the long run. Furthermore, the book also underlines the necessity of self acceptance, no matter what.

From some points of view, this is an educational book as well. It shows kids how far friendship can go, not to mention a positive attitude. When it comes to dancing, Ballerina Konora provides a bunch of photo ideas as you go through the story. Bottom line, there are three different ways to go through this book. You can enjoy the book, act out of it in your own way or follow Konora’s ideas.

Angelina Ballerina, by Helen Craig and Katharine Holabird

Angelina is a hit among children. This is the picture book that has changed everything and introduced her to the fans. The book is definitely classic and many of today's grownups loved this character when they were kids – after all, it was initially released in 1983. The story follows a tiny dancer who seems to have incredible power in terms of drawing attention and gaining popularity.

Her popularity keeps going up every year – today's parents introduce the funny character to their kids, and the word is passed from one generation to another. The story might be short, but it has an incredible impact due to the author's lively style. Furthermore, Helen Craig is famous for her stunning illustrations. This initial story introduces the world to a tiny mouse who only dreams about dancing and leaves everything, only to actually succeed and find fame in totally unexpected ways.

Apart from the charming story, the book will most likely make your little one persist some more in their dancing experience. It shows how far ambition can take someone if they truly want something. It will make your little one develop their own dreams and actually work for them.

Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andreae

This story follows Gerald’s story. Gerald is not the luckiest animal in the world, but things are about to change. The giraffe has a dream, but everything seems to be against this dream. The legs are simply too long, so the cute animal is simply unable to do it. Moreover, legs are way too skinny too, not to mention the neck. It feels like the end of the world, but there is always a way to go forward.

Then, the Jungle Dance kicks in. The event is a regular in the area and all animals hang around to impress everyone else with their dancing skills. Gerald is not in a very good mood because the body makes it difficult to dance. However, a wise cricket steps in to change everything to 180 degrees. The cricket motivates Gerald and gives the giraffe a few tips.

Chimps do the cha cha and lions impress with their tango moves, but Gerald steps in as well. The cricket’s wise advice helps the giraffe sway into his own tune. All in all, this book has a nice plot twist and shows how everyone has their own strengths. Your kid will realize that you have to find your inner strength to push these advantages out – a great educational resource.

Firebird, by Misty Copeland

This is Misty Copeland’s first picture book and it became a hit overnight. It is a great story that will keep your little one excited and entertained. If they cannot read, chances are you will have to go through this story over and over again. Apart from the dancing influences in the story, it also has some good educational tips that every kid can learn something from.

All in all, this is the story of a little girl. She is young and she fails to stand out in the crowd. She does not have too much confidence. Besides, she is a bit shy and she feels like she does not have the abilities to reach certain levels. She wants to be like Misty, but she knows that she will never be there. However, Misty sees some potential and decides to give her a hand. She steps in to encourage the little girl and show her how far you can get if you have some dreams.

All in all, the little girl understands that dedication, determination and hard work are mandatory to achieve her dreams. She starts to gain some faith in herself and somehow, she realizes that becoming a Firebird is no longer a dream, but an actual plan. The text is lyrical and matches some stunning illustrations – a must-have for every kid who likes dancing or dreams to become a ballerina.

Ballet Shoes, by Noel Streatfeild

Ballet Shoes represents another classic and one of the most exciting dance books for children. It tells the story of three orphans – Posy, Petrova and Pauline. They are all adopted now and they try their best to keep their new family happy. In the attempt to help, they attend the Children’s Academy of Dancing and Stage Training.

The three kids hope to make it big and become famous, but they have no idea how difficult it is. In a world with so many good dancers, standing out in the crowd is a real challenge. They decide to do one thing at a time. They end up in show business, deal with paperwork and so on. More importantly, they practice every single day to get where they want.

Posy is a natural-born dancer, but Pauline seems to have a passion for cinematography. On the other hand, Petrova realizes that she would love to be a pilot. All in all, each of them needs to find the power to follow their dreams. This novel is suitable for older children who can actually read themselves.

Flora and the Flamingo, by Molly Idle

This book is ideal for your kids who cannot read. It has plenty of interactive flaps that kids will love and feel excited about. While there are no words, the book does have a storyline that will certainly keep your little one entertained. The book follows Flora and her incredible flamingo friend as they develop an unusual and deep friendship.

The whole connection is about dance. They both love dancing and it seems their lives complete each other in a world of dancing patterns. All the dancing moves, flops, turns or twists are gracefully introduced in the actual flaps of the book. The harmonious experience ends with a unique ending and plot twists that will amaze the reader.

Although there are no words at all in this book, children will get a sense of it. Moreover, parents have the opportunity to alter and change the story whenever they read it to their kids.

I Will Dance, by Nancy Bo Flood and Julianna Swaney

This book has a good story behind it and aims to show your little one that everything is possible. The story follows Eva. Like many other young girls, she is fascinated by dancing and she hopes to become a real dancer one day. However, there is an issue.

Eva suffers from cerebral palsy. She has to use a wheelchair, so dancing becomes a completely new challenge for her. She learns about a school offering dance courses for players of all abilities and she decides to enroll.

Her movements are not the best at first, but one thing leads to another and she starts feeling the experience. Her instructor and other students help her out as well as she gains more and more confidence. Her dreams are about to become a reality now.


Bottom line, these are some of the best dance books for children and some excellent inspirational stories to teach your little one a few lessons about life – be it friendship, tolerance, self-confidence or the necessity to follow their dreams.

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