The Adventures of BJ Gleeson, Private Investigator Book 4

Maintenance men are during their routine of dragging the ponds, to retrieve lost golf balls, on an exclusive Golf Club in South Carolina. To their surprise and shock, they discover the body of a man, his mouth stuffed with golf balls. BJ Gleeson, residing in Louisiana, is called by a good friend, to investigate the murder on behalf of the Grand Strand Golf Club.

BJ’s relationship with his fiancée, Lieutenant Karen Gagne from the New Orleans Police Department continues to flourish as they plan for a wedding. By the time Gleeson has arrived at the Grand Strand, another similar murder has been carried out. Once again, BJ applies his skills in cooperation with the local authorities, based on his earlier experiences.


Excerpt from Death on the Grand Strand © Copyright 2024 Tom Lubben

Chapter 1

Two young men are driving a golf cart as the sun goes down in an exclusive Myrtle Beach, South Carolina golf course. They are dressed in scuba gear and headed for the dreaded 13th hole. A considerable pond almost surrounds the green. The men’s job is to retrieve golf balls from water holes on a golf course for recycling purposes. These men were preparing to enter this particular body of water on the course, move to the center in their wet suits, and collect golf balls. By this time of the day, the balls generally collected in small mountains at the bottom of the 8-foot-deep center.

The men are armed with a small spear gun to fend off any Gators who have taken up residence in the pond. This is a common practice throughout much of the South. Companies exist that sell re-conditioned golf balls to many sporting goods companies, not the least of which is Amazon. Throughout three visits to this particular hole, the men will easily collect well over 500 what were then brand-new golf balls. The better the quality of the ball, the better their return.

It was a pretty neat part-time gig for the two young guys. They were both college students; this was a well-paying, year-round, part-time job. They worked at several Myrtle Beach golf courses on behalf of their company, but this appeared to be one of the wealthiest.

Myrtle Beach had become a rich haven for golfers from the east and northeast. There were courses up and down the highway that ran relatively parallel to the ocean, from North Carolina to Georgia! Most of the courses were located in Myrtle Beach.

The Grand Strand Golf Club was one of the East Coast’s oldest and most prestigious courses. It had been laid out and established sometime during the later reconstruction period by a group of wealthy former plantation owners. To this day, it remains a very exclusive and expensive club. It was acquiring a membership that required both money and pedigree. It was one of the most highly desired memberships on the entire coastline.

The two young men began their work quietly. The course was now closed to golfers, and dusk was settling in. They could work quickly and without any interruptions. The two men unloaded their equipment from the back of the golf course, primarily consisting of baskets to place their “collection.”

“Ralph,” called Bill. “We’re sure in the right place at the right time. We can kill on this hole at this club this evening.”

“Yeah, these rich bastards use the best balls. We’re sure to draw up a nice bunch of the Titleist Pros. Those suckers cost close to $5.00 a ball.”

“We’ve also been finding these new ‘Dixon Fire’ balls, which cost over $6.00 each. This is one of the toughest water holes in the entire Myrtle Beach coastline. These guys will hit two or three into the water, then cheat on their card anyway.” Replied Bill.

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