Conversations That Inspire: How to Identify and Engage in Deeper Dialogue

Leaders, future leaders, anyone interested in being an inspiration to others must understand The Power of Language. Learning and practicing an approach to language called “Deeper Dialogue” helps you to connect, collaborate, and communicate … better.
John Klymshyn has spent many years studying and exploring language – how it works, where it comes from… and whether or not what we say (or ask) resonates with others.
John Klymshyn (the author and narrator of this Audio Book) believes that language – at its core – is music. While listening to this Audio Book, you will learn about the intersections between language and music. You will learn key phrases that help you craft and deliver inspiring language. No matter what you do, if you work with, volunteer for, parent or support other people, you want to learn and practice Deeper Dialogue.

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