Purpose. Progress. Happiness.

Destined to Change is a book about finding progress, looking for opportunity, creating paths of blessings, leading a life of success, setting a blueprint for generations to come, seeking health and wealth in all aspects of life, joining forces with individuals who can bring purpose to pass, and more.

Leading a life of success, from my experience, takes time; even though some people are born into it, others find purpose gradually as they grow, and still others, well— some never take the time to find it. That is the principle: If I only take the time to find it, if I take a leap of faith that takes me where I want to go, if I only look in the right places, success will find me, too; action is required wherever we go, and energy comes out of us whether we want it to or not.

Life is energy, and it is essential for us to place our limited and unlimited resources into efforts that accumulate interest over the years.

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