If there is one thing I have learned is that sometimes my time experiences tend to be subjective and are highly influenced by my emotional state. My insecurities and fears about the past and what’s about to come also tend to make me not totally appreciate my current state.

But I have also come to realize that the key to going through each day, learning, and appreciating different things in life is paying attention, which is why I am now a big advocate for practicing mindfulness.

Yes, having meditation sessions has helped, but I recently discovered how to shift my emotional attention and thought process through mindfulness coloring books. This has been significantly helpful, especially since I am an art lover.

If you are on a journey to practicing mindfulness and have not yet discovered coloring mindfulness, or you are ready to explore, the books on this list may just be what you have been looking for.

What Are The Top Mindfulness Coloring Books?

Mindfulness Coloring Book for Adults, by Roslin Designs (2023)

I've recently had the pleasure of checking Roslin Designs' new Mindfulness Coloring Book, and I can affirm that it lives up to its name. There's a clear understanding of the importance of relaxation and stress-relief, evident in the carefully curated mandala patterns that the book offers for adults. The overall design, the quality of paper, and the diversity of patterns each contribute to making this coloring book a delightful stress-busting tool.

What particularly struck me was the thoughtfulness behind the designs. Each pattern is intricate yet not overwhelming, providing just the right balance to engage and relax the mind. Also, the size of the book is perfect for comfortable coloring sessions. It's large enough to allow for detailed work, yet compact enough for portability.

The high-quality paper ensures that colors don't bleed through and every artistic endeavor turns out as best as it possibly could. In my opinion, this book, with its affordability and excellent value-to-price ratio for 39 charming patterns, is not only an artistic gem but also a remarkable therapeutic resource.

Mindful Patterns, by Mr. HawK (2023)

Mindful Patterns is a collection of intricate designs that will help you color as you promote creativity and, most importantly, relaxation. The book features beautiful patterns, and the good thing is that there is a variety ranging from geometric shapes to mesmerizing mandalas and beautiful flowers.

You will not have to worry about ink spillage into the pages as each design is on its own single-sided thick, and sturdy page. Feel free to explore your coloring tools. The book is also large enough to grant you an amazing coloring experience. I particularly loved how the illustrations are well-detailed, which makes this book a visual delight.

You can gift Mindful Patterns to your loved ones to better their self-expression artistically and gain inspiration, or you can simply get it to immerse yourself into a journey of tranquility.

The Mindfulness Coloring Book, by Emma Farrarons (2015)

The Mindfulness Coloring Book, designed by skilled illustrator Emma Farrarons, is an innovative practice that combines mindful meditation with the emerging trend of adult coloring books. This engaging pastime promotes mindfulness by demonstrating that any task, executed with care, can be a relaxing exercise. The book provides 70 intricate patterns including diverse elements like flowers, leaves, butterflies, birds, and more abstract designs like rolling waves and kaleidoscopic patterns.

This compact coloring book is designed with portability in mind, ideal to fit into a pocket or handbag, and uses high-quality paper to ensure long-lasting use. It invites busy individuals to take a breather from their hectic routines to re-energize and find tranquility through coloring. Nostalgically reminiscent of simpler times when the most significant concern was to color within the lines, it also features a reinforced binding with strong glue that allows users to color intricate designs while keeping the spine intact.

Relaxing Flowers Coloring Book for Adults, by Bookworm Cafe (2023)

One of the main drivers for my mindfulness practice has been anxiety, and Relaxing Flowers has been a real anxiety reliever. You will love how this book slowly eases you into mindful relaxation, substantially reducing any stress you may be experiencing.

The calming illustrations are carefully crafted to invite you on a self-care journey. The collections vary from tranquil landscapes to soothing patterns and meditative mandalas.

Feel free to go wild with your coloring tools. The pages can accommodate colored pencils, markers, and even gel pens. They are single sided, which ensures that there is no bleed-through.

I would recommend picking up this coloring book before important decision-making.

One proven way to ease anxiety is active participation, and Relaxing Flowers provides the ease, confidence, and courage you need.

Dreaming Patterns, by Daydreamers (2023)

 Dreaming Patterns is the secret you need to live a relaxed and more laid-back life. It is for you if you are looking for a perfect distraction to ease your nerves after those long days or if you wish to express your creative side with detailed mindfulness illustrations. This book will surely unplug you from the fast-paced life we all are going through nowadays.

The illustrations touch on different subjects which you will relate with. Whether you are a mindfulness coloring beginner or an expert, the cozy feeling of fulfillment this book gives will enchant you immensely. It has diverse customization possibilities that are carefully formatted to suit your taste which I have found to be perfect escapism moments.

One thing is for sure, this book is your one ticket to creating lively creations, building a shore of peace, and a fulfilled well-being.

Inspirational Coloring Book for Women, by Cottage Path Press (2023)

This is an uplifting book meant to bolster your spirits and grant you instances of inner peace and mindfulness anytime. But what I love more about this book is that it is not just about coloring and patterns. It also features unique quotes and words of affirmation that are meant to motivate and encourage you.

I highly recommend it if you are going through a stressful time or difficult situation or if you simply need a bit of positive reinforcement. Quotes about believing in yourself and your capabilities will remind you how resilient you are/can be and the power of your inner strength.

Whether you are looking for a gentle reminder or a way to unwind after a long day, this coloring book will actively remind you that you need to give yourself more grace. Order yourself a copy today and add it to your self-care routine or even gift it to anyone in your life if you feel they need some extra positivity or encouragement.

Mindful Patterns, by Calming Colorways (2023)

 Mindful Patterns indulges you in a therapeutic experience for mind rejuvenation and is highly beneficial for your emotional and mental well-being. I have grabbed this book whenever I have felt overwhelmed, or anxious, or whenever I wanted to bring down my stress levels.

The coloring pages are uniquely designed for maximum engagement and to ensure that you enter into a state of complete absorption and flow. I have always found this to be a powerful way to silence my mind and improve my mood as I find my inner peace. I have come out of my coloring sessions happier and feeling more gratified.

I consider coloring one of the best self-care practices, and whether you wish to engage for minutes or hours, this book has got you. It is a large print with a variety of color designs. It is also perfect regardless of your coloring skill level.

Enchanted Forest Fairies, by Atlantis Inkwell (2023)

There are many mindful coloring books I have come across, but I have found this particular one to be very unique. It features a dreamy world that immerses you in a world of magical creatures for stress relief while fueling your fantasy spirits. You get to color unique fairy gardens and mystical creatures as you tell your fairy tale.

But the magical designs and fairy illustrations are not just what this book is about. It also features scattered affirmations and inspirational quotes, which are excellent ways to boost self-esteem and confidence.

Enchanted Forest Fairies is mainly a book for adult women and men who want to relax and unwind any time of day. But I would also recommend it to teens who want to have creative fun.

The therapeutic activity and relaxation this book offers will surely help you to enhance your sense of well-being and get you to appreciate things that may seem too insignificant- “the small pleasures.”

Evidently, Enchanted Forest Fairies is a perfect addition if you love matters of fantasy or love to get lost in whimsical worlds.

Chaos to Clarity, by Polina Lilu (2023)

When I came across this book, I first had to acknowledge how perfect the title was. This honestly drove me to purchase it, and I have no bit of regret. The book has helped me, especially when I have wanted to start a new routine or habit. It is very practical, especially if you feel like your life is an unending marathon without any lasting change.

Chaos to Clarity is for you whenever you want to unwind from repetitive daily chaos and stressors. It is ideal for those moments of anxiety or feelings of indifference and hopelessness- whether you feel burdened by a hurtful experience, a disappointing relationship, or an unsatisfactory career.

The book contains less than a hundred pages, but Polina has made sure to make each one count. The journaling prompts she gives are excellent for developing self-acceptance, encouraging you to cultivate happiness in your life, developing your confidence, and doing shadow work. I like that they are introspective for actual self-reflection and for giving a sense of direction toward goal achievement.

The mandalas in the book are original and offer an interesting coloring experience, but what I can't get over is the stories and responses other people have given in the book. These are as insightful as they are fun.

Curse Away the Stress, by Sylette DeBois (2023)

Mindfulness is about being able to release your emotions and giving a voice to the annoyance and frustrations of life. I don't know about you, but cursing away these exasperations works for me. You can do so with this book.

Curse Away the Stress offers a distinctive approach towards stress relief through intricate mandalas accompanied by expressive curse words. I consider the coloring technique the book offers to be therapeutic enough to help embrace your inner sailor.

The mandalas in the book are carefully crafted, just like the curse words are carefully selected.

Curse Away the Stress provides an unconventional combination with its illustrations and liberating language, and these are both powerful for stress and anxiety relief.

The book is superb whether you are a coloring novice or an expert.

Final Thoughts on Mindfulness Coloring Books

Ready for a therapeutic magic trick that can squash stress like a bug, build a fortress against the grumpy goblins of depression and anxiety, and cut down harmful rumination like a lawnmower on overgrown grass? Let me introduce you to my secret weapon: mindfulness! I can't speak for everyone, but it has certainly helped me turn social isolation into a solitaire championship and rejection into a wellspring of “thank you, next” moments.

If you're sitting on the fence about hopping onto this mindfulness bandwagon, or just can't quite wrap your head around the concept, then boy, do I have a suggestion for you! Mindfulness coloring books are like training wheels for your brain. They're not only spectacularly fun but they will help you master living in the moment like a Zen monk and reawaken your senses to the world around you in a vibrant, technicolor reality.

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