A personal message from the author:

My personal objective is to give everyone the means to understand what has gone on in the history of vaccines in order to untangle the true from the false. Getting vaccinated is not an insignificant act, but by compiling very precise informations, everyone has the means to approach a vaccination with serenity. With my experience, I wanted to make people understand that it is quite possible to make a good and safe vaccine in epidemic settings. The objective is also to provide everyone, what is important to know and look for in vaccine formulations in order to avoid fake news.

For COVID-19, it will be easy for everyone to understand how the different vaccines are manufactured and to be reassured about possible adverse effects. Finally, I provide tips on how to strengthen your immune system and how to withstand any vaccination.

— David Friedman

What justifies the fear of vaccination?
Everything you read on social media?
A worldwide conspiracy so they can spy on you?
Or perhaps the fear of suffering a severe adverse reaction?

Is there a proven connection between the most feared side effects and vaccines? The most feared side effects are extremely rare. Information is not widely available because it remains largely understood by leading immune system experts only: there are simple ways to reduce these low risks. In this article, you will learn that diseases of the immune system should not be seen as fatal. But how?

In this condensed book, pharmacist David Friedman will unveil the following information:

  • This has tainted the history of vaccines and the confusion that arises in people's minds during pandemics,
  • How reported side effects can be prevented and what not to do if you want to be vaccinated,
  • Information that you must keep in mind when you consult your doctor for a vaccination.

Here's what you'll learn:

  •  The big scandals linked to the history of vaccines that fuel the fake news.
  • What you need to know and look for in vaccine formulations to help you choose a vaccine.
  • Why, it is difficult to do without vaccines in an era of globalization and the emergence of new germs.
  • What you've never heard of about vaccine manufacturing.

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