Dr. Francis Series Book 1

A touching rhyming story that highlights the importance of education, respect and manners that will help kids go far in life and respect their elders.

A darling tribute to one mom and others just like her — Valuable lessons on determination, respect, teamwork, health, and more!

Our Mom's a superhero to my big sis and me.

Her superpowers rule the world as you’re about to see.

Moms all over the world are superheroes in their own right, and that’s what Dr. Francis’ kids know all too well!

Doctor Mommy, Our Superhero” by T.C. Pask and Dr. A. Francis is a touching rhyming story that teaches kids important values and characteristics that will help them go far in life.

With the goal of highlighting education, respect, manners, politeness, helping others, and staying healthy (just to name a few), this touching poem not just resonates to kids but also shows appreciation to all the hardworking moms out there.

Doctor Mommy, Our Superhero makes for the perfect gift to show a little love and appreciation to your mom and others like her, while instilling good values, characteristics, and daily practices that nurture children inside and out!

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