A personal message from the author:

Occasionally, there are reports in the news of dogs found stranded at sea. In one case, that I am very familiar with, a fisherman found a dog adrift on the Long Island Sound. There were no boats nor land in sight of the dog. It was a mystery to the fisherman how the dog found himself lost at sea. I was intrigued by this story, and other similar events, to write Dog at Sea. I was interested in exploring the dog’s struggle for survival. I was fortunate to work with a talented artist (Elizabeth Smyth), whose handcrafted illustrations beautifully capture the events described in the book.

— Greg Seff

A dog is lost at sea. There are no boats nor land in sight. How the dog found himself stranded at sea is a mystery. How will the dog survive? Dog at Sea is a beautifully illustrated, exciting tale, that will thrill children and adults. Dog at Sea’s lessons of perseverance, ingenuity, and kindness are timeless.

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