A personal message from the author:

Dog Island is the first of a series of books. Initially written for the young adult reader, it has grown into a book for all ages. The story weaves the lives of various dogs who were put in shelters and ultimately ended up on Dog Island. The dogs themselves tell the stories of their defeats and victories of their journeys. Heartstrings will be tugged and pulled.

It is important for me to clarify that I did not write this book just for book sales. I wrote it to bring awareness to issues that our canine friends have to go through every day. Preventable issues that no dog should have to endure.

Besides serving a purpose, Dog Island is a great weekend read. It will make you laugh and cry and root for the heroes. And every book helps support the Beagle Freedom Project, an incredible organization that helps rescue and support dogs that have been in laboratory testing facilities.
I hope you will read Dog Island and enjoy and pass it along. And more importantly, I hope the characters will find a place in your heart as they have in mine.

Protect the dog always.

— Jil Johnson

Willy stared out through the criss-cross wires of his cage. He had figured out a few things. One, being born a spunky Beagle wasn't always cookies and naps. Two, there was no way he was staying in this barbed wire apartment. And three, as he listened to the rows of dogs barking and howling, he wasn't going alone.

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