Know how the greedy have rigged the system

Every human being seeks a state of relative well-being. This instinct is the deepest in any living being. Indeed, wherever there is life, this fundamental instinct is in operation.

In the process, we humans have formed complex groupings: families, extended families, communities, cities, corporations, religions, countries…

Compared to all of these groupings, the market-place is a much simpler milieu. A person goes to the market-place for barter, purchase or sale. It is strictly business; no other emotions are involved. Naturally, conflict resolution is sometimes needed; but matters do not get as emotionally charged as in a marital or a family dispute, for example.

Starting from these very simple and basic observations, we explain how very complex economic systems have evolved over time. Our basic human needs have remained the same – but the economic mechanisms to fulfill these needs have become more and more complex over time.

With increasing complexity, economic systems have become more and more vulnerable to being rigged, subverted and corrupted.

What is the result of this rigging, subversion and corruption? Most people on the planet are finding it difficult to satisfy even their basic needs – even as a small minority of people consumes perhaps ten thousand times more per capita.

If ever there was a time for thoughtful persons to come up with fresh thinking, then that time is now!

Recent events around the world make it clear that anyone who cannot think clearly for himself or herself will be cheated and exploited by the greedy. Globally, the reality of exploitation and financial scams is shocking – and a crime against humanity.

This book is an attempt at generating some fresh thinking.

There are no complex theories or ideologies in this book.

Indeed, the author is wary of any word ending with ‘–ism’ or any type of thinking dubbing itself an ‘ideology’. Why? Because the author suspects strongly that every ‘–ism’ and every ideology is either (a) a cunning attempt to misguide, or (b) the output of a confused mind.

If you care about the well-being of your family, your friends and your community, you will certainly gain fresh perspectives from this book.

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