Preface: Zachary Stein

What skills are recession-proof? How should you prepare your high school student for an uncertain future?

  • Learn why jobs are in decline and what will replace them
  • Understand how digital media production will replace some standardized testing
  • Gain insight into how digital technology trends such as decentralization and open source could collide to challenge the nation’s largest corporations
  • Study the history of economic trends and inquire into whether America is bound for totalitarian corporate rule or a drastic expansion of democratic values
  • Explore the research on human bias and discover why anti-bias is crucial for economic growth
  • Delve into the limits of artificial intelligence and how a digital native future inverts its role in society
  • Question whether surveillance capitalism is something we should worry about

Digital Platforms Are the Most Profitable Companies on the Planet, and Poised to Transform Education
A former software engineer, Principal Zeimer takes readers through an in-depth evaluation of how digital technology and economics are poised to transform education by examining the concept of academic capital.

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