This book is about getting the most out of each day, working on healthy habits, day in and day out, just improving yourself each day without knowing it.

Building healthy daily habits is all about starting small, just 17-minute increments, and focusing on those 17 minutes daily. Getting up early is a part of this process since almost everyone is asleep and so you can do your habits without interruption. Getting up at 3 or 4 am seems like an impossible feat, but after a few months of daily work, you can do almost anything, like write a new book, learn a new language, and get into shape. All this just by taking 15-minute blocks of time; it’s that easy to do your daily habits.

Over time, you can sharpen your mind and build solid strength with no harsh drugs, no matter your age.

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Embrace the Magic of Daily Positive Habits and Watch as Your Life Transforms Before Your Very Eyes With This Lifetime Tracker! – Stay Mentally Sharp, Physically Active, and Emotionally Strong

Welcome to a unique guide that weaves together the magic of daily habits and the wisdom of an Excel Elf Morning Tribe tracker to unlock your full potential physically and mentally!

The Elf Morning Tribe book believes that true transformation starts with small, consistent steps. This book delves deep into the power of morning routines – setting the tone for the rest of the day.

At the heart of The Elf Morning Tribe lies the Excel Elf Morning Tribe tracker – a powerful tool that will revolutionize the way you approach your habits.

This interactive tracker will help you stay accountable and motivated as you work towards your goals. By visually tracking your daily progress, you'll gain valuable insights into your habits and how they contribute to your overall well-being.

But the journey doesn’t stop there!


  • The fascinating ways our brains can deceive us: Learn how to overcome these mental obstacles and break free from self-imposed limitations. Push yourself beyond what you thought possible.
  • A way to plot your progress and habits all the way until your 85th birthday: This long-term tracker will empower you to make the most of each day and promote positive habits that will serve you throughout your life.
  • A journey of self-discovery and transformation: Learn how to cultivate daily habits that will bring you closer to your best self, both inside and out.
  • And more!

Unlock the potential to lead a life filled with vitality, mental sharpness, and unwavering determination.

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