Edited by Kristi King-Morgan

What You May Not Know About Columbine

Message from the author:
“Simplifying the Columbine High School attack to “the bad kid and the sad kid” ignores the complexities of the personalities of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and makes us blind to identifying and intervening with kids like them. Evidence Ignored presents facts not incorporated into the current tidy narrative of the attack on Columbine in hopes of re-opening a dialogue on potential causes of the tragedy and ways we can recognize at-risk kids before it's too late.”
— Rita Gleason

Evidence Ignored presents an unfiltered account of the events that led to the tragedy at Columbine High School. Despite the mountain of police reports, journal writings, video and audio transcripts that have been released, the general public knows only what has been presented to them; information distilled by a variety of law enforcement officials and journalists. No understanding of this senseless attack can be gained if we ignore vital pieces of information. Evidence Ignored seeks to set the record straight, outlining all that is known about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in hopes that it will help to open a dialogue of how we, as a society, can better recognize at-risk kids and step in before we face yet another Columbine.


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