Tips for Speedy Recovery After Exercise

Personal message from Author:
“Ever wonder how some people are able to go to the gym day-after-day? As medical doctors, we speak to people daily who inform us of their struggles with weight loss and strength building. We constructed this quick-read book to share seldom practiced tips for recovering after a workout. So you finally stick to that workout routine that been working!

— Jelani Ingram

Would You Like To Recover Faster After An Intense Workout?

Now you don’t have to put up with sore muscles anymore because this all-inclusive muscle recovery guide is here to reveal all the secrets that your personal trainer is not telling you.

Here’s How You Can Speed Up Muscle Recovery:
Whether you are a seasoned veteran gym-goer, athlete, fitness-freak or a complete fitness rookie, muscle recovery has to be #1 on your priority list. You need to allow your muscles to recover – especially after an intense workout – in order to improve your performance.

By the end of this game-changing muscle soreness recovery guide, you will be able to:
Understand more about your muscles and how they work
Learn effective strategies for post-workout recovery
Discover proven ways to speed up the process and get your muscles going faster!

Why Choose This Easy-To-Follow Sport Recovery & Performance Guide?

Instead of wasting your time and effort with countless online blogs, articles, and how-to videos, you can find everything you need to know about post workout muscle recovery in an easy-to-read, 5-chapter book that will help you learn more about:
✔️ The Fundamentals Of Muscle Recovery
✔️ Little-Known Exercise Facts
✔️ The Immense Health Benefits Of Exercise on Your Body
✔️ How Muscle Recovery Really Works
✔️ How To Turbocharge Muscle Recovery

“How Can This Book Really Help Me? What’s In It For Me?”

After reading this eye-opening post workout recovery book, you will be able to:

  • Perform Better At Your Workout
  • Recover Faster After Exercising
  • Achieve Your Fitness Goals

This book is a part of a new quarterly release health book series from Fit-in-15 online fitness membership. Fit-in-15 will be releasing their daily body-weight only workouts February 2020.


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