As the drums of war continue to beat across the magical and barbaric world of Extremus Terra, Lucas Torinac prepares to depart on his Quest, a rite of passage for his people. Not fully grasping the significance of his task, he wanders into a deadly and unforgiving world without direction or aid.

Before catastrophe can strike, he meets Ian. Twenty-five years his senior, and an honored and powerful member of their race, Ian patiently begins to provide the guidance that Lucas needs to survive. Under Ian's tutelage, Lucas comes to grips with the world around him, and he begins to realize that the deadliest creatures on Extremus Terra are the humans themselves.

It becomes apparent that he must come of age quickly if he is to survive. But as he and Ian struggle just to stay alive, it also becomes clear to them that Lucas' Quest is no ordinary one; he is to unite the human races and bring peace to the world.


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