She's a minority. A chance encounter with a mystifying hairstylist leaves her with unimaginable powers. Can she take this moment to make a change and stand up for her community?

Tianna is a charming, strong-willed young woman. As a minority, she's no stranger to hardships and the social discrimination that comes with the color of her skin. Losing her mother at a young age – a police officer on duty – gives her a different perspective, but ultimately challenges her beliefs.

One night, after leaving a civil protest she inadvertently saves a hair salon from catching fire. How could she know that act of service would change her life forever? Approached by a mysterious hairstylist, she's granted certain superpowers. But with power comes responsibility, and Tianna needs to find her balance as a superhero.

With the ability to make a big difference in her community, she's forced to take a much closer look at her views on colorism, police brutality, and masculinity while respecting her mother's memory as a police officer.

Fairy ‘Fro is a work of fiction that takes a deeper look at the underlying currents that form social injustices and how to establish the proper balance between the police and minority communities. It also tackles contemporary racial and lack of equality and expression in society today.

Full of thought provoking scenarios, action, and dialogue, Fairy ‘Fro will open your eyes and reconsider your views.


Read online Fairy ‘Fro: Floats with Flows by Keith J. Beasley

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