The Delahass Legacy Book 2

When the first of many long hidden clues are found, they reveal their ancestor's unrelenting resolve for justice.

The villa in Espinola reveals many of Jeremy’s carefully guarded secrets…the long forgotten centuries old paintings found in the attic are just the beginning…

Family Unbroken is the second book in the Delahass Legacy series, the continuing saga of one family’s search for answers to a mystery rooted in historical events that took place generations ago in the later years of the twenty-first century.

Ann Delahass has always wanted to visit the place that her ancestor, Jeremy Delahass, had been inspired by when he built his home, Nolbeloir House. It is one of life’s many mysteries she hoped to find an answer to. She and two of her cousins, David and Paul Delahass, have decided to finally make the trip to Espinola in the hope of visiting the old school and learning what they can from it.

At the last minute they invite Keegan O’Briaen to join them on their trip. It had never been a secret that Keegan was descended from a man who had written about Jeremy Delahass during his time in the limelight. What none of them knew until recently was that the two men had known each other long before that.

Keegan has questions of his own that need answers, his own guarded family mysteries are many and not all of them involve the legacy of Jeremy Delahass.

And he has another more personal reason for making the trip to Espinola that was no mystery at all. He wasn’t looking for romantic entanglements but there was no getting around it…Ann Delahass intrigues him as no other woman ever has.

But with every answer they learn in the historical city of Espinola, more questions arise and it doesn’t take long before they discover the tragedy that struck to the core of what Jeremy Delahass valued most.

As the search for answers continues in Espinola, the Delahass cousins and Keegan are surprised by how much they didn’t know about Jeremy Delahass. And as they walk through the old building where he’d once gone to school they realize that there is much more to the legacy that Jeremy left behind than they could ever have imagined.

And it was only then they began to understand the true implications of the Delahass Legacy.

It was never the drive for power that propelled Jeremy Delahass to the position he battled for and then won in the middle of the twenty-first century. His dreams were never those which would put him in the midst of the public eye, to be the one who pushed until promises made were kept.

And he had never felt the need to sit in the center of power.

But he did all those things for those who did have visions of all that could be, who had been driven to right all the wrongs…but couldn’t. Their lives were tragically and violently cut short.

In fulfilling what they were no longer able to, Jeremy Delahass became a hero to scores yet was also reviled by many who resented the changes he fought for. And he left behind a lasting heritage for all of those who would follow.

And so it endured. The Delahass Legacy.

Now…two hundred years later…the Delahass Legacy continues.

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