A Serendipitous, Almost True, NYC Love Story

A personal message from the author:

This is my first rom-com novel, and I thought what better way to jump in than write what you know… The story is a snap-shot of NYC in 2002, and how my wife of eighteen years (three children), and I serendipitously found love in the fabulous city of seven million as roommates. I hope you enjoy the story.

— Monty C. Floyd

When New York City brings together an East German girl and an American boy—anything can happen—maybe even love—in this story that strays from the typical romance novel in that men and women alike can enjoy.

Moving to New York City was a dream for Brigitte Muller. And so, she moves from her East-German village, enthralled by the idea of what her future could become. At first, things are perfect. She revels in the glamor and intrigue of her new life as a successful banking analyst, but when her boyfriend moves out and in with another girl, Brigitte realizes she needs a roommate, and fast.

The moment want-to-be screenwriter Connor Duncan moves to New York City, things take a turn for the worse. His ex who he thought he would move in with refuses to reconcile, and he’s left homeless in the Manhattan.

Thus, fate brings together Brigitte and Connor, who find themselves fascinated with the fast-paced, ever-present wonders of the city… and each other. With the New York City skyline as their backdrop, they discover more about themselves than they ever imagined.

But despite their blossoming feelings, cracks appear in their foundation. Connor still pines for his ex and isn’t sure he can commit. Brigitte only has three months until her Visa runs out, and the city’s most eligible bachelor is wooing her…

Discover the magic of New York City whilst taking in a unique love story that may or may not be a true. Author Monty C. Floyd offers a fun and flirtatious novel that will linger in reader’s minds, well after the last page. “Female Preferred” strays from the usual format of a typical romance novel in that men and women alike can enjoy it. So, if you’re looking for a refreshing and enthralling novel, an escape to the Big Apple, add this book to your collection.


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