The Cemetery 6 Series Book 2

The Cemetery 6 refers six Thai teens telling creepy stories in a cemetery on a Friday night.

Each spirit has a story to tell and the group is eager to listen and find a way to bring them peace. One night, a spirit named Kit appears before the group and despite his initial reluctance to share his story, they eventually convince him to open up. Kit tells them of his tragic death and the group vows to avenge him and get to the bottom of his murder. They follow the clues to Bangkok and find themselves in grave danger as they try to solve the mystery.

In Festival of Fear, the second book by David B Bond, the The Cemetery 6 are back solving mysteries. This book is filled with exciting twists, scary short stories, and a relatable team of six sleuths. It is perfect for readers of all ages and promises to be a thrilling and spooky experience.

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