The Average Person's Guide To Financial Stability

This book is for the average person with every day financial circumstances. People with real financial problems and are looking for real life solutions to solve their financial problems. This guide shows the average person what financial stability is, how to get to financial stability, and why it's important to have financial stability. It is not a book based on hope or luck. This book tells you what the problems are and how to solve them. This book will show you that no matter how much you earn you can still find financial stability. This is a realistic approach for the common person to succeed in having financial freedom. I will share the mistakes I have made and also the tactics I used to fix those mistakes. The tactics and examples given in this book is also to be used to pass down to the next generation so they can also have financial stability and the financial freedom mindset. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a journey that doesn't happen over night. With sacrifice, determination, and commitment it can be done.

A personal message from the author:
“I wrote this book to show the average person how to get to financial freedom. The book shows that our everyday choices with money can lead us to either financial freedom or financial ruins. This book is for the average person with everyday financial struggles. In this book I share the financial mistakes that I have made so people can learn from them. I also share my financial achievements that has lead me to financial stability for my family and I.”
— Troy Adams

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