What does this short story animated by tiny jungle creatures teach us?

In this book you will find a story that will help kids to learn some fundamentals of finance, while having fun. Money or technical elements won't be mentioned, since we will introduce a mental approach, that will be useful for the resolution of problems. We will also teach how personal enrichment can be used to help people around us.

Everyone knows that ants are extraordinary animals. They work tirelessy, they can spend hours and hours, even days, hunting, transporting and storing food supplies for the whole community. They are fast rescues, that never leave a wounded companions behind, but they rather rush to aid and quickly transport them to safety. They are also experienced builders. They can build a completely safe den, full of galleries and secret rooms, in no time. And they're so strong! They can easily lift up to fifty times their weight.

We will show how the fundamentals of finance are more common than we think, even in the animal world! Concepts like investment, income, marketing and more will become easily understandable, thanks to the stories of our little friends.

Who is this book for?

This book is perfect for kids in a pre-school age, for which it will be an important experience, if read by a parent. It's also perfect for elementary school children, that will learn useful lessons for everyday occasions, while exploring the short stories.

Why should I choose this book?

The concepts of this book won't be taught at school, and it's rare to find them in other children's books. Furthermore, they fit very well with the notions of logic, maths and science that will be studied at school.

When should it be read?

It's perfect to be read as a bedtime story. Surely the child will ask for more reading, precisely because it's written in a cheerful and involving way, that will keep the little readers and listener's attention up.

What will happen when the children will grow?

The book will remain modern. We advice to keep it within reach into the library, because parents will notice that the concepts are useful for  them as well.


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