From Palawan Islands to Mexico

A personal message to readers:

This book is both an adventure book, a report of my different experiences during my trip on a personal development background and a method book on real estate investment. It talks about new ways of living and working, about generation Y, about travel, about “nomad-digitalism” and about the importance of time (the only thing you can't get back).

The book is targeted for apprentice travelers or aspiring travelers who want to free themselves from their daily routine and/or change their life in a financially secure way. The idea is to go on an adventure, against the grain of traditional ideas, not to “leave everything” to be free, but to go on a self-financing trip thanks to real estate investment with the idea of being able to extend the trip.

In a first part, I explain in a popularized way how to invest in real estate, then in a second part I tell the story of my six months of travel and adventures, with a perspective of my experiences punctuated by the confinement.

— Adrien Hardy

Do you know what lies at the bottom of the “Blue Hole” off Belize? Have you ever found yourself singing family karaoke in a Vietnamese rice field? Do you know what sonmudo is? Have you ever taken the time to pedal, to walk, to move forward alone, in a foreign setting? Have you ever taken the time to listen to yourself breathe? And when was the last time you did so?

This book is not a manual of introspection, nor is it an atlas of good travel plans that you will never make.

This book is the recipe you needed to free yourself from time constraints. This book is the recipe you need to free yourself from time pressure, to create some financial security, and to finally live the adventures you deserve. My recipe.