How to Turn a Negative into a Positive

Are you trying to deal with and manage your own happiness?
Have you been trying to overcome a situation that has caused much suffering in your life?

Growing as a child and being shaped in a world filled with drugs, crime, violence and poverty, Daniel Lyndon has been dealt much cause to suffer over.

Watching his parents and only role modals take drugs, it was no surprise that by the time Lyndon was 14, he had already gained a well established drug problem himself. But drug were not the problem; – unresolved trauma was!
At the lowest point is his teenage years, Lyndon was imprisoned for a total of 4 years which only served to make him suffer more. During that time, the depressed and psychologically traumatised young man met a buddhist monk who helped him take control of his self-defeating subconcious mind and grow beyond every body's expectations.
Gaining a new skill in hairdressing and with continued study and practice into mindfulness and meditation, Lyndon later went on to open 5 salons and is now coaching people to do the same. With the launch of his first book “find meaning in the suffering” he hopes to give a different perspective on all self help guru's philosophies, and creates a different understanding into how you can turn past traumatic experiences into your greatest sources of strengths and build a legacy of your own.
With a horrible twist of fate in the never eneding cycles of the “up's and down's” life threw up some more experiences that could have broken him once more. 15 years of staying on the “straight”, he had to then overcome the emotional trauma of not seeing his child, which ended with Daniel dislocating his shoulders, loosing his business and home.If you've had to face similar circumstance and are struggling with picking yourself up off the floor then this book is a must read. We've been sold the dream for decades now of that illusive, eternal happiness. But life is not like that. Life can be cruel. Detailed in this book is a realistic approach of how you can deal with and understand a practical way of overcoming such adversity and give you a new perspective of the types of situations we all have to deal with throughout our lives.
Why waste countless thousands of £££'s and 15 years on research and personal development? Daniel shares with you his astonishing story of how the underdog can get back on top. With mental resiliance, self-discipline and a lot of hard work, Lyndon illustrates wonderfully how anybody can live and maintain a positive life filled with love and abundance.

In “Find Meaning in the Suffering” he shares a story that starts with tragedy and ends in success. In this first book is revealed the exact practises he has adopted to live life to it's fullest potential. Over coming fear and illuminating a clear path through his own experiences, Lyndon has created a perspective most Guru's would not acknowledge; – that our greatest strengths are born from our suffering and most painful experiences.


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