A personal message from the author:

Once the Lord revealed His plan for me, words started flowing as I spent hours typing on my little netbook reclined on my couch. The words are not my own but divinely written through the Holy Spirit. In fact, I was able to recapture each event, emotion, and thought as if each page was written at the exact point in time it actually happened. Only the Holy Spirit could have done that.

Every time I hear how my book(s) have touched someone and aided in their own healing, it encourages me to do what I can to reach more people who are seeking that inner peace. Those who have questions about their faith, and even questions for God. I seek to reach those who are wondering why certain things had to happen. All of us are seeking something, whether it is peace, contentment, joy, happiness, or whatever in our lives. It is not about how much stuff we have, how far we can succeed in business, or how much money we have in our bank account.

Real inner peace, joy, and contentment come from knowing who we are.

— Victoria Joyce

Even though Joyce’s first book was published a few years ago, it couldn’t be more relevant today with everything we all have experienced this last year. How do we find peace in the midst of storms and stay calm and in the center of the hurricane when it is whirling uncontrollably around us? How do we go about or day without overwhelming fear?

Many of us have felt as if we have had very little control, if any, during what has taken place in our lives this last year, leaving most of us angry, frustrated, fearful, and grieving – both the loss of loved ones and the way of lives used to be before COVID. Even Christians have been asking questions like, “What is this all for? What is the greater purpose? What good can come out of all of this and when will it change?” “Will there ever be a sense of “normal” again?”

Holding on to the pain, justified anger and hurt are not the answer. Relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as alcohol, sex, food or whatever you may chose, will not make the pain go away. It will only make it worse and add more disappointment, hurt, fear, anger, and pain to the mix.

The answer is in letting go and trusting in God’s plan for your life. Walking through the pain will bring about inner peace, calmness contentment and healing and take you to the other side, stronger and more centered. Is it easy? Not always, but it is worth it.

Joyce’s first book walks you through her journey, as she travels an unexpected road of alcoholism, numerous losses, including homelessness more than once. She shares openly and candidly about a childhood full of false beliefs and buried wounds that contributed to years of self-sabotage, self-hatred and not feeling as if she fit in. She shares how those buried memories and wounds lead her to unhealthy relationships with men, bringing about more pain and hurt.

Joyce does not mince her words. She tells it like it is and goes places where most Christian authors dare to go. In doing so, she allows her readers to “just be” right where they are, in their anger, bitterness, and whatever else they may be going through. Her tenderness and care let you know that you are not alone, that you too can heal and make it to the other side.

She also touches on medical issues, a diagnoses of Bi-polar illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well and Lyme Disease and Multiple Sclerosis in her second book, “Heart Tugs, Hugs & A Few Tug of Wars.” Bring your highlighter along. You will want to refer back to sections of her book that touched your heart, soul, mind, and spirit while on your own journey when your life’s manual didn’t make sense.

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