The Heart of Stone Adventures Book 1

A funny fantasy full of twists, adventure and unforgettable characters

A jobless jester and a misguided magpie venture into a land where technology is booming—but trouble is brewing.

Dame Elsebet de Whellen has ruled her mildly magical, high-tech country for 50 prosperous years. Now it's facing a crisis three generations in the making, and the bold steps she's taken to save it have gone disastrously off the rails.

She needs a hero who can calm her mind, cast a spell, and find a missing sorcerer. Instead she gets Malfred Murd, former Royal Fool, booted from his job and now scrounging a living around the corners of the Kingdom. What starts as Fred's quick attempt to con Dame Elsebet escalates until he—and his self-appointed magpie advisor Corvinalias—are hopelessly entangled in a desperate mission that might cost a Fool his life and a people their future.


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