How could two powerful legal systems incarcerate an innocent man for months without as much as a mug shot or a finger print: throw him in isolation, deny him fair trial, dismiss photographic evidence of his innocence… ignore just about everything pointing to his innocence?

Kenneth Ehigiene`s story has been declared improbable by some, extraordinary by others and a veritable real-life thriller by many. If only Kenneth Ehigiene knew that he was the big African “Game” in an elaborate German safari-hunt that would turn into a Dutch inquisition. If only he knew that he was now tied to the fate of a German teenage girl whose shocking story became an instant bestseller in Germany.

Powerless, alone, condemned, jailed and denied justice on all fronts… Kenneth Ehigiene simply walked out of a high security prison one day – a free man. Suddenly. Unexpectedly – leaving jailers, prison officers and inmates stunned.

This is the story of an improbable freedom from an unimaginable incarceration.


Read online Foregone Conclusion by Kenneth Ehigiene and Barbara Tah Gwamnesia

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