A black-stoned sword is bestowed only on those marked for death.

After waking up stabbed and with no memory of who he is, Claeg's only clue to his identity is the sword – set with a black stone – that's found with him when he's pulled from a drifting, bloody boat. Even Claeg is just a name the healer gives him. All he does know is that if he wants to live, the blade has to stay secret.

That was months ago, and Claeg's isn't any closer to finding himself. Then, Lord Gallus Kurok, head of one of the wealthiest families in Dracul, comes to Claeg with a deal: pose as his kin and fight for his family's honor, and he'll help Claeg find what's lost.

Claeg jumps at the opportunity, ignoring the war brewing in Moktlain. It isn't long until Claeg is thrown onto the front, sentenced to service for a crime he didn't commit, but Claeg isn't the only innocent in his chain-gang. Ida, her sword just as sharp and even faster than Claeg's, walks beside him, and soon the two start walking closer than just comrades.

When given the chance to learn about the man who earned the black-stoned sword, Claeg must decide what, and who, he's willing to sacrifice to gain the information. The answers hide deadly secrets of their own, and lurk closer than Claeg thinks, waiting to be unsheathed.


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