A personal message from the author:

I wrote the book to give dog owners a practical guide to help them train their next family companion. If the dog is a sporting breed and they intend to hunt their dog this book will help build the bridge from basic obedience to hunt training and guide the owner though the training necessary to bring out the best in their hunting companion first and family dog second.

— Steven B. Reider

Steve Reider’s comfortable prose, practical wisdom, and dog-training expertise guides the reader along a rich and colorful journey that addresses virtually every key step of dog ownership, basic discipline, and hunt training. It is informative and fun to read and weaves a masterfully descriptive narrative with an attractive collection of corresponding photographs of the dogs, tools, and methods used to prepare competent bird hunting dogs and responsive family dogs. From Sit to Gundog is a book for anyone who loves dogs and appreciates the indelible bond that can flourish between a well-trained dog and a loving human companion.

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