An Epic Medieval Fantasy Series set in King Arthur Era, United Kingdom

Shadows of a Phoenix Book #1

Brennas called it a task.

David and Andrew called it a punishment

When David and his brother-at-arms, Andrew, were commanded by their Grandmaster to protect the fiery and stubborn Sorceress, Arread, they believed the task was beneath them. Little did they know that an ancient prophecy tied the three of them together – one hinged on the survival of Light in its centuries-long, bloody, battles against the Dark.

Soon, David finds himself wanting to protect Arread for reasons that go beyond his duty as a Phoenix Knight. To put anyone above his job is strictly forbidden, but he can’t help being drawn to her strength and the wildness of her spirit.

With the power Arread possesses, the Dark Lord will stop at nothing to taint her magick and bring down the Light once and for all.

But he has to catch her first.

Will David and Andrew be able to stop Sicarus from turning Arread? Will David lose the woman he loves to an Order where sharing a heart is forbidden? Is Arread really as powerful as everyone presumes? Find out in this memorable fantasy series that features appearances by Arthur and Merlin in a medieval story of survival, sorcery, mystery and the heavy burden of a Prophecy.

Rescuing maidens and questing knights aren’t fairy tales when your clothes are constantly soaked in blood.


Read online From the Ashes by S.L. Briden

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