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First when I saying “I am” 90% of the cases I think I am my physical body and nothing more, but it is not true. Every day when I fell to sleep, I am wondering in worlds that are barely physical. I have not the same consciousness the same wills. It is what we call dreaming.

When we are awake, our ego blinds us completely, which means we are focusing 100% on physical world. If it wouldn't happen this way, we couldn't experience events as deeply as we can now.

Our inner self is always with us, our spirit is not tied by distance or time, in a way he or she is always listening to us. The problem is, we call “he” or “she”, but we should call “me”, our spirit is not separated, we are one.
Most people never find during the lifetime, because they are searching their spirit in the outside.

To give more practical advises how you can get in touch with your inner self:

  • Be in the state of calm and now (do not worry about past or future, find a place where you are alone)
  • “Switch off” your ego (when you are alone, your ego starts to put things into your head, your ego doesn't like to be alone, remember your ego is also a part of yourself, you can not shut down completely)
  • Ask a question to yourself (say it laud, or write it down, be honest to yourself, the question should be important to you)
  • If you are in the state of harmony and love, you will be connected and the answer will popup from the nowhere to your mind