My Story Plus The Exercises And Experience I Learned That Can Help You Get Out From The Wheelchair

A personal message from the author:

I felt my share of pain and helplessness, but I managed to get my life back on track. Now I want to share my knowledge with you. This workbook of exercises is my way of helping those who need a good and reliable reference. My goal is to encourage others and give support to those who are just entering the battle now. Dealing with balance issues is a lot of hard work, but my story is proof that you can do it, too.

— Greg Siofer

Getting Out is designed for those who are wheelchair bound, physically unable to walk, to speed up the healing process. Written by Greg Siofer, a man who suffered a near catastrophic health setback but with the help of invaluable physiotherapists and physicians as well as his personal blend of grit and tenacity, found a way forward.

His experiences are detailed in this book to provide a proven roadmap for you to follow as you begin the recovery process.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Tips, tools, and techniques that will guide you through recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Personal anecdotes that will resonate with anyone who has experienced a loss of mobility.
  • Descriptions and instructions of physio exercises that will help you prep for therapy.
  • And more!

No matter where you are or what your prognosis is, you can benefit from reading this book. It will arm you with knowledge, insights, and a sense of belonging after your life has been thrown into physical and emotional turmoil.

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