A personal message from the author:

Many kids are bullied and/or teased at an early age. The peer pressure in a child's mind is as serious as cancer. The need of being accepted by a group or club is a must, but, because your too short, too tall, have no rhythm, or can't afford the latest clothes, their picked on, or beat up.

Kristen needed to be reminded, everyone is good at something. No two people are the same. Everyone is not born to be an artist, dancer, or Football player. God created you to be someone special and not just to fit into a club.

This is a phenomenal story of Faith, and identifying your gift. This book was created for all those little ones who feel they are not enough. God has created you to be enough, now you just have to find you.

— Michelle Knight

God Don’t Make Junk” by Michelle Knight is a faith-based children’s story about two friends, Kristie and Jeff, one of whom is struggling to acknowledge their God-given talents and skills. Through encouragement and one key piece of priceless advice, a lesson among friends is learned in the process – everyone is uniquely and purposefully made. With self-esteem-based issues on the rise and rampant suicides among young adults, Williams seeks to convey the valuable message that everyone was created for something special, no matter the circumstances.

Through this special children’s book, readers are encouraged to acknowledge their individuality and be anything they want to be. Be proud and say it aloud – “God Don’t Make Junk!”

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