A Little Boy's Journey Through His World With ADHD

Explore ADHD and help your child uncover their hidden superpower with this amazing children’s story!

George is an energetic boy who can never seem to sit still! He’s always getting in trouble at school, and he’s forever being told to pay attention and try harder. But when his parents take him on a trip to the doctors, he discovers his secret superpower that will change his life forever…

Artfully written with a touching story and beautiful illustrations that leap from every page, this fun children’s story is lovingly crafted for parents and educators to help kids ages 4-11 understand ADHD and the way it changes their lives. Boys and girls will adore learning about George’s hidden superpower, along with how they can learn to thrive and flourish with ADHD.

Book details:

  • Shares a Valuable Message Through a Heartwarming Story and Colorful, Vibrant Illustrations
  • Perfect For Both Boys and Girls Ages 4-11
  • Gives Parents and Educators a Fun Teaching Tool That They Can Use To Explain ADHD
  • Ideal For Kids Who Have Recently Been Diagnosed, as Well as Students With Friends Who Have ADHD
  • Makes a Creative Gift Idea For Your Child, Grandchild, Niece or Nephew
  • And So Much More!

As a brilliant way to raise awareness about ADHD and the impact it has on hyperactive kids, Great Job George! is an essential read that distills this complex topic down into easy-to-understand terms, so kids can feel confident as they learn to manage their ADHD diagnosis.

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