Personal message from the author:
“In the hope of add knowledge, guiding and entertaining readers, whether they be contemporaries or our posterity, I have returned to my long-neglected love of written word. The art of writing, being part art and part a study in communications, has proven to be our best method of touching others in a way that may influence the reader’s future and increase the reader’s human potential.

Like so many of us, the early years of my life were lived in rural America where gardening was a normal part of life. Blessed with the opportunity to travel the world in the many years since leaving the farm, I have lived and gardened in many foreign locations like Panama and Japan; and in a variety of United States locations including Alaska, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, Virginia, and Texas.

Gardening for me has always served as the most direct road to inner peace. No matter how dire life's troubles I have always been able to enter the garden and five minutes later find peace in the labor of tending to Mother Earth. Gardening has always helped put food on my family's table and half the neighborhood's tables as well. I have always found that sharing the bounty is the best way to make and keep friends in both new and old familiar places.
— Albert Swope

Growing Oregano: A Home Gardener’s Guide is intended as a home gardener’s and homemaker’s handbook for growing the Oregano herb indoor and or outdoors.

What This Book Covers?

Growing Oregano: A Home Gardener’s Guide, covers everything from which cultivar to choose, to how to get the most from your herb garden, how to harvest and store your oregano, and teaches you everything you know to turn extra space in your vegetable garden, backyard, on your patio or kitchen counter into an herb garden adding a bit more flavor and character to the rest of your life.


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