A little girl's battle against demonic forces, after her mother opens a door through the use of witchcraft.

Angel has never been off the mountain in West Virginia where she was born. Yet, she’s aware there are secrets in the house she shares with her mother Margret and grandmother.

No one is allowed on the second floor where Margret grieves for her husband. As Margret dabbles in the Occult in an attempt to contact her deceased husband, she inadvertently invites evil spirits into the home. She abuses Angel—and then begs forgiveness.

The cycle continues in deadly fashion until not even Grandma can protect Angel. The evil spirits grow in power, intent on destroying both Angel and her mother.

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Excerpt from Guarding Angel © Copyright 2023 Darlene A. Williams

I stood there looking her dead in the eyes, gritted my teeth, and boldly said, “Show yourself!”

The look on her face was pure shock and horror. She dropped to her knees and screamed, “No!”

I knew then I must be onto something, and so I shouted once more, “Show yourself now, coward!”

She fell forward and was now on all fours, a low guttural growl coming from deep within her. She screamed as her whole body began to shake, twist and writhe on the floor.

A mixture of fear and power washed over me. I boldly stood over her, smiling, no longer feeling like the victim for once. I loved the feeling of this new-found power and control.

That feeling was short lived. A black figure rose up out of her back. It opened its huge black wings, which stretched from one side of the room to the other. This thing was massive. It must have had at least a twelve-foot wingspan. It tilted its head back and let out the most godawful growl that shook me to the core. It looked down at me with its charred, black face. It appeared as though it had been burned in a fire. It grinned, showing its sharp jagged teeth, and ran its tongue over them as it glared down at me with the same evil, black eyes I had seen in Mama.

“You dare challenge me, little girl?” it demanded in a voice so deep it resonated through every fiber of my being.

Fear cut through me like a knife. I thought I knew fear when dealing with Mama, but standing there looking into the face of pure evil brought fear to a whole new level. I stood frozen. Unable to speak and unable to move, I sure couldn’t run. It were as though an invisible force held me in place.

I tried to scream, but couldn’t.

It just stood there glaring at me it was as though it were staring into my very soul, draining me of all energy and replacing it with the same hatred and anger I felt coming from it. Evil was now trying to consume me like a fire burning deep within.

I dropped to my knees as the very life was being sucked out of me. I felt there was no way out and everything started going dark. “God help me,” I managed to whisper faintly just before collapsing face down on the floor.

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