What would you do to survive?
How would it make you feel?
Would you struggle to hold onto what made you normal, made you feel safe, or would you abandon it all for the sake of survival?

The stress and tribulations of a college semester become the least of concerns for two survivors, as a hostile coalition invades the continental United States. With the coast and hundreds of square miles under military occupation Jason and Monica must figure out what they’re willing to do to stay alive, to stay together, and to retain their humanity. The sound of the rain pinged on the metal roof of the shed. She looked out through the slightly open doorway, leaned up against the opposite wall, wrapped in a tarpaulin. The rain had just started a few minutes before. She was so cold, so tired. Water pooled slowly running into the shed, glistening from the small dim lamp by her side.

A figure slowly emerged from the misty downpour, walking slowly. The figure was shrouded in a black poncho, water dripping from the hood. She shifted and winced, peering through the torrent. The figure walked through the rain closer to the shed carrying a dark red bag. The figure stepped up to the shed and slowly pushed open the door. The hood slid down to reveal hazel eyes, dark hair, and a beard. He dropped the bag and threw a handgun at her feet, then collapsed. Her eyes widened as she realized who it was and whispered. “Jason”.


Read online Hard Fought Half Dead by Caleb M. E. Corron

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